365 Challenge, week 3.


I think I am starting to get in a groove with this taking a picture daily. Yay!

Day 15/365. We received more snow on Monday. Thankfully it was a holiday for me, I didn’t have to get out and drive the morning commute in it. I love how the snow looks in the curled branches of this tree. It’s actually a pretty cool looking tree anytime of year.

Day 16/365. Someone was a sleepy girl, she was already curled up in bed as I sat with my laptop working on my post for this past Wednesday. I guess she gave up on trying to hint to me that it was bedtime!

Day 17/365. I noticed the other day that my favorite local brewery, Sun King, had a new coffee porter out. Or at least new to me. So of course I had to try it. Quite tasty, but not quite as good as my WeeMac.

Day 18/365. Someone get so jealous when she doesn’t have my full attention. Just prior to this picture I had been sitting on the floor, giving Crazy Izzy (my feline fuzzball) some love. This one decided it was her turn and ran Izzy off. This is the look that I get when she wants the lovins. I just love that little face!

Day 19/365. I worked both jobs this day and got home quite late. In fact I was getting ready for bed when I remembered that I hadn’t taken my daily picture. I didn’t want to take yet another fur ball picture (I don’t want to over run my feed, or here for that matter, with pictures of the cat & dog). When I remembered the wonky tree out front in the porch light. The tree is called a Harry Lauder Walking Stick, if you’re curious. The camera doesn’t quite capture the nuances of how the light falls on it quite like the eyes do. Such a shame.

Day 20/365. The sunrise was absolutely beautiful this day. I happened to notice the pink and purple hues through the cracked drapes in the living room. It was still early so I had not opened them quite yet, so I grabbed my phone and headed outside. The colors were stunning! I know the backyard setting is not ideal, but the backyard is what it is. I knew if I hopped in the car to head out and find a better view that the colors would have been lost by the time I got there. Regardless, this is one of my favorite pictures so far for this challenge.

As I sit here this Sunday morning, updating this post, it’s quite foggy and dreary looking. We have warmed up quite a bit, the snow is melting and the backyard is a mess. No where as pretty as yesterday. And somehow yesterday I scratched my EYEBALL. Literally! I spent most of the morning waiting to be seen by the doctor and having to drive to a couple different pharmacies to find who had the salve that I had been prescribed. Today my eye is still swollen and irritated, I’m not quite sure how I will do the Sunday self portrait. We shall see.

Day 21/365. I decided to skip the self portrait for today. I didn’t want to scare anyone with my icky eye, although I think the swelling in the eyelid is going down. It doesn’t completely look like I’ve been balling my eye out. Lol. Instead I ventured out to one of the walking paths in town, one that I knew had a bridge over the creek in hopes that the fog over the water would make a nice picture. I wish I had gone out earlier in the day, I would have had more daylight to go further down the path.

Hopefully next week I will be back on my game a bit more. I had planned on taking pictures this weekend for a blog post featuring my winter work wear for Wednesday. Again with the eye, I think that blog post will wait a week since I head back to work tomorrow.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks pictures and stop back by again. Have a great week!


Coach Rogue, my new love.

Bags, Fashion

I have been eyeing the Coach Rogue bags for quite a long while now. In general I love the look of the new 1941 line as a whole. After noticing that Coach had its Winter Sale going on last weekend, I thought to myself that it couldn’t hurt to go look at it and actually see it in person. Uh huh. Needless to say I had zero willpower and came home with a few goodies. I think my poor card had a mini stroke.

Coach Rogue* 25 with Tea Rose. Oh you sexy little Rogue, you have stolen my heart.

Disclaimer: Some of my links may be affiliate links, by clicking on them I may make a small amount of of money. If you choose to buy through these links, I may receive a small commission. Any affiliate link with be marked with an *.

This black Rogue has the black and burgundy tea roses, and burgundy suede inside the outer two pockets. I’m still concerned that the suede will get marked up, but so far so good.

This shows the outer two pockets and the gorgeous suede better. Both pockets run the full width & height of the bag, however if you opt to fold in the two carry handles there isn’t a lot of room left in the pockets. If you have the inner pocket full, folding them down inside can be a little difficult.

This close up better shows the detail of the flowers and the thought put into this bag. Even the rivers have Coach stamped in them. Beautiful!

Inside the main zippered compartmentis fairly spacious for a small bag. On one side you have this standard smaller zippered pocket, along with the Coach creed. I think I forgot to remove the items I have stored inside, you can see it bulge a bit at the bottom. Oops.

On the other side of the main compartment you have a decent sized slip pocket with a snap closure to keep it from gaping open. Personally I keep my card holder in that pocket so it doesn’t get lost inside the pocket and is easily accessible.

The zipper is quite sturdy, and even those pieces of hardware have the Coach logo on them.

As you would expect with any bag from a trusted brand, the Rogue has the feet on the bottom to protect the bag wherever it may land.

I am not overly precious with any of my bags, they are meant to serve a purpose. I’ve only carried for about a week now, both to & from work, and while out & about in my normal daily life. So far I’ve not seen any concerning scuffs or marks. I tend to stuff it a bit full on the work days when I carry my planner in one of the outer pockets and have not noticed any stretching or bulging in the sides. Hopefully this will remain true as the bag gets some age on it. So far I am more than pleased with my purchase.

I don’t have anywhere set up yet to properly photograph such a beauty, nor any proper lighting. I did the best I could with what I had available and tried to crop out most of the distracting bits, however I’m sure you will still see a mismatched wall or window frame here and there. The fact that is was getting close to evening when I photographed it didn’t help as I was losing daylight, looking back I should have at least gotten the tripod out. Lesson learned. Some proper lighting is the one of the first things on my list to hopefully improve my images here.

I am by no means a bag expert, but if you have any questions about the Rogue that I may be able to answer, please feel free to leave a comment.

Hope to see you next time!


Project 365, week 2. Still hanging in there.

365 Project, Photography

So far I’m still hanging in there with my Project 365. I think the hardest part with starting this project at the first of the year, for me personally, is trying to shoot around the shorter days. By the time I get home from work it’s pretty much dark and usually cold. On the days that I work the second job after my normal work day, it really is late. Thus most of my pictures are inside and not all that exciting. In my mind these photos usually aren’t good enough to share because of that. And that is exactly why I have given up on this project in the past. This year I have decided that the majority of my pictures will be taken on my cellphone camera instead of using the regular camera, it’s easier to catch a small moment in time since I always have it with me. I’m trying to get past my mindset of not good enough, but it is a work in progress. I can’t wait for warmer weather & longer days.

Day 8/365. After a hectic, long day at work I decided I wanted to enjoy a cold beer to unwind. I do love a good beer! Porter, stout, brown ale, red ale. It’s all good. This isn’t a beer that I can easily find in my area so I decided to snap a picture to remember the name of it in case I make it down south anytime soon.

Day 9/365. I came across this chocolate when I made a run to the store and thought the design was quite cute. Not to mention that it’s hard to pass up toffee & almonds, so I just had to try it!

Day 10/365. I’ve been working on redoing my dresser. I still need to finish it off, but I wanted to see which hardware I preferred. I originally planned on painting it straight grey so I had bought the lower set of drawer pulls. After the first coat of paint I decided to change how I wanted it to look. Once I decided on a game plan, I bought the top set of drawer pulls. After actually seeing them on it, I’ve decided the top set look so much better. Now to get off my lazy butt & finish it off!

Day 11/365. We’ve had a couple of unseasonably warm days, even if it has been raining. Overnight the rain was supposed to turn into freezing rain and snow. Yippee. (Sarcasm). I figured I’d better get the heels out while I could since it had been a while since I could. I do love my heels, but they aren’t exactly snow appropriate.

Day 12/365. After the ice & snow fell, the pup had to go out and survey the backyard before venturing out too far. Thankfully the snow wasn’t too deep, although the ice underneath was quite slick. With her short legs, she doesn’t care for deeper snow. I can’t really blame her, I wouldn’t want to drag my belly and hoohaw through the snow either!

Day 13/365. Saturday we spent the afternoon walking through the RV show, daydreaming of spending our days on the road. After building up an appetite we stopped at Scotty’s Brewhouse for dinner. It’s had to beat a big, juicy, messy burger. And of course I had to indulge in my favorite local beer, a Sunking WeeMac. Mmmmm.

Day 14/365. Being lazy, trying to figure out how to do a self portrait without having to do something with my hair & makeup, I decided to forgo the traditional portrait. Who says you have to show a face in a self portrait? I love some of the details seen in antique pieces, especially the inlay work in the background.

Going forward, I plan to continue documenting my 365 challenge on Sundays, with an additional post on Wednesdays. Next week I plan on kicking off the more fashion related posts. I will be sharing my new bag, a Coach Rogue and share my thoughts on it.

First week of my project 365

365 Project, Photography

I’ve tried to do the 365 project or project 365, whichever you want to call it, a couple of times in the past & have failed miserably each time. If you’ve not heard of it before, it is basically a challenge to take one photograph of your life each day of the year to document your year.

I’m hoping that by documenting it here and more specifically on my instagram that it will force myself to be more diligent in completing it.

Day 1/365. This is Izzy, I call her Crazy Izzy most days. I captured her mid-yawn as she prepared for her evening nap.

Day 2/365. I took this snap of my newest addiction, watching The Royals. Binge watching at its finest. I happen to watching another episode while writing this post!

Day 3/365. This is my other fur-baby, Princess. She just loves her stuffed dog.

Day 4/365. Day 4 started off with one of my favorite treats on my way to work. I definitely need my caffeine to tackle most days. ❤️ my Dunkin.

Day 5/365. As it got later in the evening I decided to set up a small still life and play with the light of the flame. I’m not all that pleased with the outcome, it could have been better. But I do love the black & white. I always have, I love the drama & emotion that it can convey.

Day 6/365. Nothing too special for Saturday’s photo, just a quickie picture of our simple spaghetti dinner. I suppose that’s the way it goes with trying to post a picture every day, not all are posed or set up.

Day 7/365. I think I’ll try to make Sunday’s a self portrait. I had a hell of a time trying to get the camera to sync to the phone to use it as a remote. I really do need to get the cameras out more! Or find my remotes. Or both! I used natural light, later on a cloudy afternoon, sitting in front of a window. Sometimes I do like the overly bright look, sometimes not. It all depends on my current mood. But I am actually pleased that the color of my hair came out fairly accurate, at least the longer portion that isn’t over exposed. #redhairdontcare

I hope to continue this series, as long as I can stick with it!

Hello world.


Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the internet. Please excuse the mess here, I am still trying to figure out the formatting and getting the blog set up how I would like. However I figured I would kick this blog off with a quick introduction of myself. My name is Tonya, Sweet T to some of my closer friends. Some claim that I’m just too sweet, but I don’t know about that.


There are so many ways to describe myself, none of them seem all that interesting to me. I’m a coffee addict. I love a good beer. Although I do love my rum as well. I enjoy nice days out on the motorcycle. I’m a proud fur baby momma. My current fur-babies are pictured below, looking cute and innocent. Usually they are running around like little terrors, or chasing squirrels or other various critters, so this was a rare moment.


I’m a laid back (sometimes too laid back) girl who usually enjoys the simpler side of life. A new career has led to updating my wardrobe and my new found love of fashion. I lean towards more classic simple styles over bright and trendy looks. My income doesn’t allow for high end purchases, so I try to spend my money on more affordable items. But a girl can still dream. One day. I find much of my style inspiration from other bloggers that I admire and follow.

I like to pretend that I am an aspiring photographer, but that is just what I tell myself. I truly need to get my camera out more and use it, even if it is just the camera on my phone. That in part is why I am starting this blog. I have also challenged myself to do the Project 365 for 2018. I don’t plan on inundating those daily photos on the blog (those will be posted on my Instagram feed), but I may share a weeks worth of photos in a single post here.

What I do plan on sharing here is my evolving style as I explore this new found love for fashion. I also hope that blogging will help to improve my portrait & lifestyle photography as I document my life to share here. Although I’m sure you will see some of the nature & landscapes that I have focused on in the past.

I certainly don’t consider myself a fashion blogger, or even all that fashionable. This blog is mainly to document for myself, however I hope that my journey may help inspire some of you as well.